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Ground Shipping

Whether you’ve sold an item on eBay or you’re just shipping to a family, we got you covered

Cargo Express

It doesn’t matter where you’re shipping to, you can trust us to get it delivered

Ocean Freight

Our express deliveries help you get your package across swiftly in the most fastest, secured and reliable way.

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Customer Satisfication Tools

Innovation is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and has long been a driving force in the growth of Sky Light Courier. Our website is designed to ensure deliveries are 10x faster, by having a unique tracking code for your cargo.

Management & Reporting

We are one of the Nations largest shipment companies, Following the quality of our service thus having gained the trust of our many clients. We provide cargo safety throughout all the stages of our delivery process. We enhance our industry operations by relieving you of the worries associated with freight forwarding.

Freight Payment Options

Keep your deliveries safe with us when you redirect packages to one of thousands of nearby Sky Light Courier locations. Track your package to begin, Sky Light Courier offers the best price, with numerous payment methods

Compliance Solutions

When you ship with Sky Light Courier – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services! With our wide range of express parcel and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs

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